Tonneau Covers

Compatible with: Double Cab, Single Cab, Extended Cab Bakkies

All our tonneau covers are made in South Africa by a team with years of experience in the motor trade. Having experienced first hand that the African sun and South African users have a set of needs that cannot be met with an imported product it has been adopted over time to give the tough, good looking and user friendly cover.

The material used is non-stretch, waterproof and UV tested. The high quality vinyl means a longer life in South African conditions. The clips and accessories are also locally produced having been modified over the years to improve durability and ease of use when taking the cover off and on.

No matter what year bakkie you have, or if you have a roll bar or not, this can all be considered and customized to ensure a perfect fit to your bakkie. It has also been shown that a tonneau cover can reduce the drag over your loadbin thereby improving fuel efficiency.

After ordering you can choose to fit the tonneau cover yourself or take it one of our Andy Cab approved fitment centres (not sure if you want to link to fitment centre page) who can assist.

  • UV Tested
  • Waterproof
  • Non-stretch
  • Custom fitted to any bakkie
  • Robust clips and accessories
  • Reduces drag and improves fuel efficiency
  • Fit yourself
    Tonneau Covers
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