All our canopies carry the following warranty:

  1. 3 year warranty on the fibreglass shell.
  2. 1 year warranty on mechanical items.
  3. Free adjustment, setup and tightening of the canopy 6 weeks after fitment.
  4. Free 6 monthly lubrication service for 3 years.

Please note:
This warranty is a carry in warranty and will only be valid if the canopy is brought to one of our certified fitment centres. Your canopy will only be covered under warranty if it has been fitted by an approved Andy Cab Fitment Centre.

Replacement canopy parts and windows are readily available from our factory or fitment centres.

Remember that the best place for a canopy is on your vehicle and Andy Cab cannot be held responsible for any damages or water leaks if the canopy has been removed from your vehicle.

Always follow these care instructions to take best care of your Andy Cab Canopy.