Bakkie Canopy Care and Maintenance Tips

Andy Cab canopies are designed to last and offer superb quality. Proper care will ensure that your canopy remains in pristine condition.


Paint thinners and other ammonia products are only going to damage to your canopy in the long run. A more effective and long lasting clean can be obtained by using benzene to remove stubborn dirt. The inside of your bakkie canopy can be cleaned with a damp cloth. A fiberglass canopy can be regularly polished and washed in the same manner as your bakkie. The UV resistant gelcoat used when building our canopies means unlike the cheapies out there they will not turn yellow or powdery in the harsh African sun

Door Locking Mechanism

Many bakkie owners do not care properly for the canopy door, and as such it may suffer damage. If you are having trouble getting the canopy key in the lock, apply graphite powder to the lock for easier locking. Make sure you close the door when driving, as driving with an open canopy door can damage the door, its hinges, and the gas stays that support the door.

 A great idea is when you get your vehicle serviced, get the canopy checked out at the same time. This will add years to it’s life and avoid having to replace parts once they break.


Although most canopies are fitted with safety glass window panes, it is still best not to load heavy objects against them. They should be regularly cleaned in order to ensure the windows open smoothly. Cleaning will also guard against potential blockages of draining holes, which could lead to water leaks.

Don’t hesitate to contact Andy Cab for any queries regarding your canopy accessories.