Doggy Bars

Compatible with: Double Cab, Single Cab, Extended Cab Bakkies, Half Ton canopy too

No one has yet explained why dogs hate it when you blow in their face yet given the chance they’ll stick their head out of a moving vehicle.

To ensure your dog gets the maximum airflow and doesn’t overheat when on a long trip or accompanying you to the shops you can ask for a set of Doggy Bars to be added to your Andy Cab Canopy. The doggy bars will also ensure that your dog doesn’t escape from the back of your canopy when you come to a stop somewhere.

If you have already got a canopy, no matter what the make, we can add doggy bars after you have been using the canopy and discovered they have become an essential item in transporting your beloved dog.

  • Ensures your dog doesn’t jump out of your canopy
  • Easily installed to any canopy
  • Keeps your dog inside the canopy while driving
  • Dogs remain cool while driving
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R 1 500
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R 1 500

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