Transform your Vehicle into a Multifaceted Asset – Explore our Bakkie Accessories

Transform your Vehicle into a Multifaceted Asset – Explore our Bakkie Accessories

Our famous Andy Cab canopies comes standard with an extensive selection of useful bakkie accessories and canopy accessories, perfect for transforming your vehicle into a multifaceted asset.
From bakkie covers and load bin rubberising to window tinting and tow bars, these durable bakkie accessories are designed with practicality and versatility.

Our custom built bakkie accessories fit most bakkie brands, including:

  • Ford
  • Toyota
  • Isuzu
  • Nissan
  • Chevrolet
  • Volkswagen
  • GWM
  • Opel

Looking for your specific vehicle bakkie model?
Visit our accessory page, request a quote and one of our helpful consultants will be in touch to assist.
Let’s find out more about some of the Andy Cab bakkie accessories for sale.

Bakkie Covers

Choose from a selection of high-quality tonneau covers or aluminium bakkie roller covers.
These durable bakkie covers are easy to install and operate, protecting your goods from whatever nature throws your way.
Secure closure of your load bin adds to your vehicle’s safety, helping to increase the value of your bakkie in the process.

Tonneau Covers

Quick to secure, retractable and oh so durable, there’s no question as to why tonneau covers are so loved in South Africa!
Ideal for commercial or personal usage, these light yet heavy-duty vinyl tarps protect your load bin from weather, dust, and even mould and mildew.
Crafted with powder coated aluminium frames for additional strength and rigidity. They also help improve fuel efficiency and keep your load from prying eyes.
Find out more about our tonneau covers.

Roller Covers

These strong and long-lasting aluminium roller covers boost bakkie safety while still providing easy access to your load bay.
Enjoy a snug fit, no matter how many times you open and close it, with our smart seal system.
Specialised rubber seals and the latest load bearing technology allows for improved dust, water and general weather resistance.
Explore the different features of our roller covers.

Bakkie Rubberising

This increasingly popular bakkie accessory helps protect your loading bay against wear and tear.
The hard-wearing and enduring polyurethane coating (or simply referred to as poly) is sprayed onto the surface using high-pressure equipment to form a long-lasting barrier.
Having your bakkie rubberised can protect loose goods from moving around in the back, as well as provide additional grip.
Find out more about bakkie rubberising.

Bakkie Bars

We now offer a selection of high-quality bakkie bars, including tow bars, bull bars, nudge bars, sports roll bars and side steps.
Your bakkie bar canopy accessories will be shipped to your nearest Andy Cab Fitment Centre for fitment.

Tow Bars

Add durable transporting and towing capabilities to your bakkie with our powder coated tow bars.
Find your perfect tow bar today.

Bull Bars

Boost off-road style and protect your bakkie’s forward-facing components with our powder coated full face wrap around bull bars with headlight protector.
Learn more about our bull bars available.

Nudge Bars

Besides a slick finish, nudge bars provide the perfect mounting platform for additional bakkie accessories.
Customise your vehicle with ease, without compromising the bodywork.
Nudge bars allow you to combine practicality with the rugged style of your bakkie!

Sports Roll Bars

Elevate the aesthetic appeal of your bakkie with our top mounted powder coated or stainless steel sports roll bars.
Find out more about this durable bakkie accessory.

Side Steps

Make it much easier for you and your passengers to hop in and out of your bakkie with our powder coated and stainless steel side steps.
We provide side steps for single cab, double cab and club cab vehicles, tailor designed for most bakkie utility brands.
Explore our side steps in more detail.

Window Tinting

Besides protecting your bakkie interior from the sun’s damaging rays, window tinting presents a number of additional benefits.
Enjoy improved privacy, superior safety and security, higher resale value, and greater aesthetic appeal with window tinting from Andy Cab.

Dog Car Bars

These vertical interior security bars are ideal for keeping any pet safe in the back of your bakkie.
This makes it possible to transport your pets while still leaving the slider windows open for canopy ventilation.
Learn more about the benefits of these dog car bars.

Andy Cab Bakkie Accessories

With such a wide selection of bakkie accessories and canopy accessories available, it’s impossible to mention them all here.
View all our accessories for sale and turn your bakkie into a multifaceted asset today!
Learn more about the features and optional extras included in our famous Platinum and Roadrunner Canopy Ranges.

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