Best Quality Fibreglass Bakkie Canopies for Sale

Best Quality Fibreglass Bakkie Canopies for Sale

Andy Cab’s Bakkie Canopies have become a part of the South African lifestyle, with our high-quality custom-built fibreglass bakkie canopies forming an integral part of bakkie culture.
Besides providing shelter and shade, bakkie canopies offer a practical solution for storage and transportation of goods, tools or equipment.
Bakkie canopies improve vehicle versatility and drive appeal, and can play a vital role in increasing the value of your vehicle down the line.
Explore the many benefits of a fibreglass canopy.
We’ve decided to let you in on a secret – on how our industry-leading Bakkie Canopies are created:

Custom-Built Andy Cab Bakkie Canopies

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to bakkie canopies, as every vehicle is unique.
While we provide canopies for the leading bakkie vehicle brands, each Andy Cab canopy is custom hand-made, to ensure high-quality results.
This allows our canopies and accessories to enjoy a longer lifespan, as they withstand the tough weather conditions year after year.

Andy Cab Canopy Moulds

By combining over 30 years of manufacturing experience, we’ve been able to produce custom moulds for all leading bakkie and brands.
Our canopy moulds are frequently inspected to ensure that they’re structurally strong and able to withstand the pressures involved in the commercial, business, industrial and leisure sectors.
Andy Cab offers a 3 year warranty on the fibreglass shell, as well as a 1 year warranty on mechanical items.

Canopy Interior

Our moulds are made using internationally approved fibreglass and resin.
The layers are then smoothed and air bubbles are pushed out, creating a smooth surface.
Once the layers have dried, the interior is hand sanded and sealed for weatherproofing.
The interior is then painted.

Canopy Exterior

Once the canopy has formed within the mould, a similar process is applied to the exterior.
Hand polishing takes place in order to get the exterior ultra-smooth.
Built with UV-resistant gel coatings so that it can better withstand the harsh Southern African climate. 

This also helps prevent any flaking or discolouration.

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The Finishing Touches

Whether your canopy is for commercial, big business, fleet or personal use, each canopy can be customised.
You can colour-match your canopy to your business brand or vehicle colour, have dual locking mechanisms installed, add high-level brake lights or any other standard fixtures on our Platinum and RoadrRunner canopy range.

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Andy Cab also offers a large selection of bakkie canopy accessories to transform your vehicle into a multi-faceted and valuable asset for your business and/or personal capacity.
All our canopy accessories are custom built for your individual canopy and include doggy bars to protect your beloved pets, roof racks to increase storage space, gull wing windows, and tonneau covers, to name a few.

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Andy Cab Bakkie Canopy Fitment

There are so many facets to making an Andy Cab Canopy.
The final step is fitting your canopy at one of our fitment centres.
With over 40 fitment centres across Southern Africa, convenience is key at Andy Cab.
From Cape Town all the way up to our fitment centres in Namibia and Zimbabwe, finding Andy Cab canopies nearby is easy!
Find your nearest Andy Cab Canopy Fitment Centre.

Locally Manufactured
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