Why get a canopy for your ford bakkie?

Why get a canopy for your ford bakkie?

Having a canopy for your bakkie offers any bakkie owner many great benefits and getting a Ford canopy for your bakkie is as easy as pie! Bakkie canopies for Ford vehicles are attainable with no effort at all, but getting the right one can make all the difference for your personal use and comfort. Ford manufactures a wide range of bakkie models such as the  Ford Ranger T6, Ford Bantam, single cab models, double cab models and more.

Finding the Perfect Ford Canopy

Canopies are mostly made of fibreglass, with a number being made of stainless steel depending on the purpose, and can be colour matched with UV resistant paint to the colour of your vehicle to offer you an elegant and sleek look over a long lifespan.

Depending on the use of your vehicle, there are a number of canopies you can choose from. Contractor vehicles may utilise anything from the standard canopy to those more specialised for security and branding reasons. Ford canopies may either have windows in the back or be completely blanked out on the sides, allowing you to protect your load in more ways than one.

Bantam and Ford Ranger Canopy Range

Getting a specific Ford Ranger T6 Canopy is an ideal way to add loading space to your vehicle while protecting the load bin from our local weather and sticky fingers.

Canopies offer a perfect solution to safeguard your belongings and the Ford canopies come with a double locking mechanism, safely securing the back of your vehicle at all times.

Ford canopies also have a variety of extra options that can be added to your canopy, including fibreglass reinforcing to allow your canopy to carry additional weight on its roof for larger items like rooftop tents and recreational gear.

This feature is also ideal for contractors who move large items from one premise to another, like PVC, gear and ladders.

Other optional extras are the sporty roof racks and the very desirable smash and grab tinting that will protect your load bin from being breached by foe and sunlight alike. The UV protection on the film helps to shield your bin lining from unnecessary degradation while the tinted film deters prowling thieves from running off with your possessions.

Caring for your canopy is truly simple and can be done at the same time that you wash and care for your bakkie. Regular checks and maintenance will ensure that your Ford canopy enjoys a long and productive lifespan, allowing you to get the most of your canopy.

Making use of a trusted installer will ensure that you get a great quality product with a warranty to match. Andy Cab Canopies is one of the nation’s most well-known fibreglass canopy manufacturers and one of the top bakkie canopy suppliers in South Africa.

With over 20 fitment centres across Southern Africa, you will find high-quality canopies for sale or on special from our Head Office in Cape Town – all the way to our fitment centres in Namibia and Zimbabwe. You are welcome to contact us if you have any queries on our Ford canopy range!