Used Bakkie Canopy – The Benefits of Buying One

When shopping for used canopies, you have three options when buying a canopy – aluminium, stainless steel or fibreglass bakkie canopies. All with their own benefits, but you need to choose the one most suitable for your bakkie.

Fibreglass Over an Aluminium and Stainless Steel Canopies

Fibreglass bakkie canopies are customised to perfectly fit your bakkie, which aluminium/stainless steel canopies cannot do. Not only that, but fibreglass canopies are custom made to suit your business needs. There are many companies that can provide highly customised fibreglass canopies that perfectly fit your bakkie. Fibreglass canopies can be colour-coded and can resist almost all weather conditions. Furthermore, they provide better aerodynamics, which will help save on fuel. The only con is that it is more expensive than aluminium or stainless steel.

But whether you want the benefits of fibreglass – and are willing to pay a bit extra – or whether you are ok with aluminium, buying a canopy second-hand will save you a lot of money, while still providing you with all the safety and benefits that a canopy brings. Give us a call and we’d be happy to show you our selection!