Roof Racks: Adding Bakkie Versatility and Efficiency

Roof Racks: Adding Bakkie Versatility and Efficiency

Roof racks and rails have been the life savers of many contractors. Plumbers, electricians, glass fitment centres and more! When it comes to growing your business and being able to assist your client with whatever they need, bakkie and canopy roof racks have made all the difference.

Contractor roof racks are built with especially light-weight and sturdy high-quality aluminium or steel tubing to carry the weight of the load without damaging the vehicle. Racks can be custom shaped to fit any make and model bakkie and come in three different options:

Bumper to Bumper Roof Racks

This means that your bakkie roof rack will extend from the front bumper to the back bumper, running across the length of the vehicle, even if you have a canopy on the back. The sturdy frame will aim most of its weight towards the back of the vehicle and the part that extends over the front is mostly intended to secure the frame, besides giving you the additional length in space.

Depending on the size of your vehicle, you can install bumper to bumper racks that are either 2.5m or 3m in length. They are adaptable to fit all makes of bakkies and vans, giving you the ability to be more efficient with all your vehicles.

Bumper to Windscreen Racks 

These racks run from the back bumper of your vehicle to the front windshield and do not extend over the bonnet. The load bearing weight is equally distributed on the load bay but the frame affixes inside of the load bay, allowing a clear view from the driver’s seat.

Bumper to windscreen racks can be custom made to fit your vehicle’s make and model and are lightweight and durable.

High-Quality Canopy Roof Racks (Sporty Roof Rack)

These are specially designed to be installed on top of your canopy to allow you to load extra materials without the rack protruding from the vehicle.

Canopy roof racks are also ideal for leisure use where you might be travelling with items that are longer than your vehicle or to offer you additional packing space, like canoes, ladders, fishing gear or luggage.

The ideal would be to have a rack designed and made for your specific vehicle make and model with all the trimmings to meet your needs. Alternatively, premade racks and rails are easy to come by with some being sold as second hand. In this case, it pays to ensure that the racks are in good condition and won’t let you down along the line.

All canopy roof racks should be installed by professional technicians to ensure that no damage can occur to the canopy’s fibreglass shape and to guarantee that it is properly fitted and sealed. This prevents water from entering and damaging the load bay and its contents as well as prevent damage to the fibreglass itself. Other canopy accessories are also available and are designed to work in conjunction with your racks or even to protect your canopy.

Whether you are looking to install roof racks and rails for a contractor’s vehicle or if you would like to add roof racks to an existing canopy, Andy Cabs can get the job done for you. Contact us for a fitment or if you have any questions on any of our products.


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