Exploring Andy Cab’s Smash and Grab Tint

Exploring Andy Cab’s Smash and Grab Tint

If you do not understand the impact that smash and grab tint windows have on your vehicle (and your pocket), then this article is for you. Smash and grab tinting is self-explanatory, but we feel we need to remind some of our fellow road users, why it’s a great idea to consider getting it, if you haven’t gotten it yet.

Taking care of yourself and your property 

Andy Cab’s smash and grab tint serves a variety of purposes, but primarily it allows you those precious seconds to collect your thoughts and to safely vacate the area when you become the victim of an attempted smash and grab.

The tinted film covering on the window will make it difficult for an assailant to view the inside of your vehicle and might deter them with this that fact alone. But if an assailant is adamant and decides to give your vehicle a go, the tinted window film will mostly prevent the glass from shattering as well as the bad guy from accessing your vehicle.

And speaking of all this shattered glass, many vehicle owners who do not have smash and grab protection will often report that the broken pieces of glass had ended up cutting through their skin and medical treatment was necessary. This alone should be a major plus for most to have the tinted film installed!

On the bright side, having smash and grab tinting on your windows will block a huge amount of glare UV Rays entering your vehicle, thus preventing the unfashionable look of the one-armed-tan or having to climb into a human-sized oven after being at the mall for a couple of hours. Your car will stay cooler during the day and you your aircon will enjoy not always having to work so hard. And if your aircon works less, then you save fuel! Win! 

Benefits of Canopy Window Tinting

Here is some free advice: Don’t forget to tint the windows of your canopy!

The same rules apply to your canopy as for your vehicle. Preventing an assailant from having a clear view of the contents of your load bin will most likely deter them and save you a lot of hassle.

The temperature inside your canopy will also be better regulated, allowing you some grace when travelling with sensitive cargo. Protecting the interior of your load bin will also go a long way towards boosting the vehicle’s resale value and add to the overall aesthetic look of your vehicle.

It’s easy to implement some safety measures in your vehicle to deter thieves and prevent property loss, like hiding your belongings in the boot of a car or deep under the seats. Making sure that you are aware of the smash and grab hot spots and how you can safely travel during all hours of the day, will be your best prevention measure. But even though we do our best to be alert and on guard, having an extra layer of protection can be very beneficial and valuable.

There are so many benefits to having smash and grab film installed on your windows that it’s a wonder why so many people still don’t have it. Have we convinced you that this is the way to go? Contact Andy Cab if you want to find out more about the smash and grab tint options available for your vehicle.