Bakkie Roller Covers for Added Load Bin Protection

Bakkie Roller Covers for Added Load Bin Protection

Often, bakkie owners look for solutions to protect and increase their load bin space. Bakkie roller covers have proven to be a great solution for those who want all the benefits without having the bulk of a bakkie canopy. So, let’s have a look at these bin covers and explore this bakkie accessory in a bit more detail.

Weather Resistant

A Bakkie roller covers are fitted to seal the interior from any and all weather occurrences. This means that your load is protected when an unexpected rain shower comes down or from the heat of the sun during the hot summer seasons. Not only are your valuables is safely locked away and has proven especially useful to those who are in the contractor industry.

Secure lock-up

A bakkie roller cover interlocks neatly with your vehicle’s tailgate latch to offer you security and safeguarding anything that might be stowed in your load bin. Bakkie roller covers offer you the peace of mind in knowing that your valuables is safely locked away and has proven especially useful to those who are in the contractor industry.

Additional Load Space

Our bakkie roller covers can handle an additional 500kg distributed evenly on top of the cover. This means that you won’t be restricted with only being able to transport whatever can fit inside of the load bin and that extra cargo can be comfortably loaded in to your vehicle.

Long Lasting 

Andy Cab’s bakkie roller covers are made of high-quality aluminium for lasting durability and strength. Since no drilling is required to install them, the cover doesn’t get compromised and weak spots cannot occur. Always make sure that professional technicians install your roller cover to ensure the best fitment and product satisfaction.

Finding Custom Bakkie Accessories

A great selection of bakkie accessories for nearly every make and model vehicle is attainable, anything that a bakkie owner might consider to make the use of their vehicle more valuable depending on each individual need. Let’s have a quick overview on some of the most popular items.

Poly Bakkie Linings 

To protect the load bin of your vehicle against rain and harsh sun, scratches and bumps; bakkie linings ultimately protect your vehicle from wear and tear and prevents you from having to do regular and costly repairs.

Tow Bars 

Powder coated tow bars are perfect for adding durable transport and towing capabilities to your vehicle. Our towbars are ideally designed for your specific make of vehicle to allow you the ease of getting the job done right.

Side Steps 

These are a very practical addition to your vehicle, allowing your family to get in and out of the car with ease. Our side steps are made from stainless steel and are installed to guarantee durability while adding a great aesthetic effect.

Sports Roll Bars 

These are mostly purposed for aesthetics on the vehicle and are a great addition to give your pick up load bin that something extra

Our Canopies

Our range of canopies is extensive and we can offer you the ideal canopy for the greatest variety of vehicle makes and models. Whether the canopy is for personal or commercial use, we can supply you with the canopy best suited for your needs.

If you need any help deciding on our accessories, contact our Andy Cab consultants today!