Bakkie Canopy Care and Cleaning Tips

Bakkie Canopy Care and Cleaning Tips

Bakkie canopies are very popular throughout South Africa. Most bakkie owners have a canopy and with good cause! Canopies offer loads of benefits, including increased load space, load bin security and overall protection for the back of your vehicle.

Such an integral part of your vehicle deserves some tender loving care. We want to share some canopy care tips with you to ensure your bakkie canopy is well looked after.

You might be surprised to discover that caring for your canopy is rather straightforward and much easier than you would think. It comes down to keeping it clean and doing some regular maintenance to keep your canopy strong and looking good.


Try to avoid using harsh chemicals to clean your canopy with. Over the long run, strong chemicals and those containing ammonia could damage the gel coat that covers and protects the fibreglass canopy. Washing with plain old regular soap made for vehicles and using ordinary car polish to protect your canopy is more than adequate. To remove stubborn dirt spots, you can use a pressure washer to spray and lift as much as you can before gently wiping with benzene to remove the rest easily. Taking the time to polish your canopy regularly will ensure it keeps its gloss and shine for as long as you have your bakkie.

Make sure to also clean the windows on a regular basis as this will prevent the windows from getting stuck. This will also help to clear out the draining holes, preventing water from leaking into your loading bin.


Make sure to lubricate you locking mechanisms regularly if they are made of metal to ensure smooth operation. Check the hinges on the canopy door for any wear that could eventually lead to weak hinges, making the door’s operation bothersome.

Our high-grade fibreglass canopies are designed and made for your greatest convenience, including the fact that overall maintenance and care is super easy and quick to apply.

Getting the Most out of your Andy Cab Canopy

Caring for your canopy is simple and hardly time-consuming. So much of the regular cleaning can be done at the same time that the vehicle itself gets a wash.

Make sure that you fully understand the terms of your warranty so that you can get the most out of your canopy. Andy Cab’s canopies carry a warranty of 3 years from the date of purchase, but it goes without saying that wear and tears, as well as negligence, are generally not covered.

Caring for your canopy will ensure that you have many years of service from it without any surprises looming ahead and will leave you with a strong, reliable and durable canopy for your continued use.

Contact us for further enquiries or find your nearest fitment centre to have your canopy installed or adjusted. If you still haven’t got a canopy and are looking for the best fit for your lifestyle and vehicle, you can view our canopies for sale.