Bakkie Canopy Basics: Choosing a Bakkie Canopy

Choosing a Bakkie Canopy

When it comes to buying your first bakkie canopy or your fifth, there are a number of points to consider to make sure you get the best fit possible, every time. Before you check out our Platinum and Roadrunner ranges and their features, check out these tips to get you started.

Know Your Brand

bakkie canopy brands

Not all canopies are built the same and neither are the brands that we cater to. Every brand is different and requires different variations in the base models that we manufacture and distribute across South Africa (including Cape Town, Gauteng, Pretoria, Durban and Johannesburg). We cater to many popular brands and are proud suppliers to their main dealerships across SA.

The Brands We Manufacture for:

• Toyota
• Ford
• Isuzu
• Nissan
• Chevrolet
• Volkswagen
• Opel

Know Your Canopy Accessory Needs

bakkie canopy accessories

Just fitting a canopy is the start to increasing the versatility of your bakkie, but it’s in the accessories that you can really transform your bakkie, no matter whether it’s for commercial, personal, professional or leisure usage, into a multi-faceted and valuable asset for your business and/or personal capacity. All our accessories are custom built for your individual canopy, and they include:

 Doggy Bars: Protect your beloved pets from exterior aggravations & keep the back of the canopy ventilated
 Roof Racks: Increase the storage space of your bakkie with additional space atop your bakkie roof
 Polyurethane Bakkie Bin Lining: Protect the interior of your bakkie bin
 Window Tinting: Reduce the UV damage in the interior of your bakkie & reduce visibility for goods in transit
 Gull Wing Window: Create easy access to the interior of your bakkie bin & increase security

So before you get going on purchasing your bakkie canopy, make sure to give us a call on 021 054 5900 or fill in an enquiry, and we’ll get you all the information you need and make your bakkie canopy buying a breeze.