5 Benefits of Smash & Grab

5 Benefits of Smash & Grab

Before I start, I just thought I’d alert you to a promotion we’re running on window tint: if you buy a canopy before Monday 31 May 2021, you’ll receive FREE window tinting on your canopy windows! Who doesn’t like something free? Anyway, back to the article…

I know how it goes. You’re sitting watching TV and the thought comes to you: “Maybe I should get my windows tinted.” (Okay, maybe this isn’t the exact scenario, but play along.) You think about the pros and cons. You weigh up the costs. Ultimately, you say to yourself, “I’ve gone so long without it, I clearly don’t desperately need it.”

This is fair, but you could say that about most things. Truly, value is only apparent in retrospect. Thank goodness you bought those new running shoes, because now your knee doesn’t freeze when you hit eight kilometres. Thank goodness you invested in that Teflon frying pan—dishes only take five minutes, now! And yes, even that media subscription is paying itself off, if only in nights well spent. I cannot remark how often I reflect on purchases I initially deemed inessential, then smile at how much joy they have brought me, whether acknowledged or not.

Getting your windows tinted might seem like an unnecessary expenditure, but it isn’t. Ever gotten a sunburn sitting in traffic? Then you can begin to imagine the pleasures of tinted windows, and the values definitely do not end there. To quote every hilarious infomercial, “But wait, there’s more!”

1. Nosey Neighbours
There are two groups of people you’ve got in mind: the tempted few and the curious few. Window tint allows you and your vehicle a little bit of privacy—suddenly, a member from either party does not have the privilege of spying the contents of your vehicle. You no longer have to feel ashamed of vagrants sighting that week-old coffee cup spoiling in your cupholder, nor should you worry if that money by your gearshift might brew some sticky-fingered thoughts.

2. Guard Against the Glare
Sun, wind, rain, or shine—glare is a persistent enemy of the average driver. Worst of all, on those days where everything seems to be working to make you late, be it your alarm clock failing to wake you in time or that left shoe that has gone AWOL, and thus you end up forgetting your sunglasses on the kitchen table, the glare seems always to be its most powerful. But it is not just irritating; glare can also be incredibly dangerous. Glare can be blinding, and so your risk of getting into an accident is raised. Window tint can reduce the impact of glare and improve not just your safety, but also your driving experience.

3. Upholstery Upkeep
Ever heard of sun damage? Try as you might to keep your car looking new, the sun’s UV rays will always find a way of spoiling your efforts. Worst of all, the effects are not just a matter of personal taste. “I don’t much mind the faded look,” you might say, or “I hardly notice it anymore!” That’s all well and good, but sun damage invariably also impacts the resale value of your vehicle. Who wants to buy a car that looks ten years older than it actually is? So instead of seeing your window tint as an experience, view it as a once-off insurance. Pay now, save later.

4. Robot Robbery
Smash and grabs are terrible. They are scary, distressing, shocking, embarrassing, and frustrating. A quick stop at a red light turns into an expensive month of admin—replacing credit and debit cards and licenses and IDs, buying a new phone or laptop, buying a new handbag or purse or backpack. Curb this nightmare with Smash & Grab so that you can peacefully enjoy the song playing over the radio, or the conversation with your friends or family, without having to keep a watchful eye on your mirrors.

5. Halve the Heat
We can all relate to that dreadful feeling of stepping into a car that is as hot as an oven. Who hasn’t faced the almighty sting of a scorching hot belt buckle? Outside of parking in perfect shade or throwing covers over all your windows, window tint is your next best option. What is more, window tint reduces the need for air conditioning. So, not only does your ride become that little bit more comfortable in hotter climates, but you also save in fuel consumption. Once again, and for the fifth consecutive point: pay now, and window tint will save you later.

It might seem obvious for me to say this, and you might not believe me considering you’re reading this on our website, but window tint has truly brought me astounding peace of mind. I don’t fret nearly as much where I park my car, nor do I overthink what can be left on the seat and what cannot. And this benefit was immediate—as time goes on, so do the benefits continue to roll in.

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