4 Things you need to know before buying a bakkie canopy

4 Things you need to know before buying a bakkie canopy

So, you want to buy a canopy for your bakkie – here are four things you should know before sending an inquiry:

1.What kind of material do you want?
The material you choose for your canopy has a great impact on your ride quality. We at Andy Cab primarily produce fibreglass canopies not just because they look sleek, quick, and beautiful, but also because they offer the greatest experience on the road. They’re light, which is great both for fuel efficiency and ride quality; they’re durable, so your canopy should stick with you for the long-run; they come in whatever colour you desire, so your canopy can look just how you want it to!

2.Which canopy do you want?
Speaking of style: what’s your preference, an Andy Cab Roadrunner or Platinum
canopy? Well, what’s the difference? Simply put, the Roadrunner canopy is your
standard design. It comes with all the essentials and serves its purpose. The Platinum is, well… it isn’t called Platinum for no good reason! This is your standard canopy taken to the next level. For more information, go to any one of our canopy pages for a list of features each canopy offers.

3.Where can you get it fitted?
You might see that we’re based in Cape Town, but don’t let that dissuade you! We send canopies across the country. Whether you’re in East London, Johannesburg, Gqeberha, Pretoria, the Northern Cape, or anywhere else across South Africa, Andy Cab is your number one choice of canopy and we’ll help you no matter what.

4.Accessories, Accessories, Accessories!
Not only do we manufacture and fit canopies – we also fit a vast range of canopy accessories for you! Did you know you could get all of your windows tinted, as well as your load bin rubberised, or your roof kitted with roof racks and your sides fitted with side steps? Why not protect your vehicle from pesky fender benders with a nudge bar? Or keep your dog safe with doggy bars? You’re already bringing your canopy in, and you know what they say – it’s always efficient to kill two birds with one stone. Skip the back and forth and get it all done in one day!

Contact us today for more information about getting your Andy Cab canopy.