Roof Racks

Contractor Roof Racks

Mainly used by plumbers, electricians and builders that need to carry more goods then  contractors roof racks are a great solution for your canopy. Being able to carry up to 250kg on your roof is a great help and will free up a lot of space in the back of your bakkie. 

Sporty Roof Racks

The thickness and strength of our canopies is well respected and so if you going to be carrying items such as surf boards, canoes, or a light ladder by simply adding a set of sporty roof racks to your canopy (the ones which run across the canopy/bakkie) it makes the transportation of these goods a breeze.

  • Allows your canopy to carry heavy weight
  • Wide frame for evenly spread weight for longer equipment
  • Securing your that your materials won’t slide off the bakkie and get damaged
  • The extra space also means that you can transport larger goods that won’t regularly fit into the back of your bakkie
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