Roof Racks

Compatible with: Double Cab, Single Cab, Extended Cab Bakkies

Contractor Roof Racks

For those who are using their bakkie for work (plumbers, electricians, builders) and need to carry more goods then contractors roof racks are a great solution for your canopy. Being able to carry up to 250kg on your roof is a great help and will free up a lot of space in the back of your bakkie. For a contractor roof rack the canopy roof will be reinforced to support the heavier load.

Most people take the bumper to windscreen option, but a bumper to bumper roof rack can also be fitted if you need to carry extra long items. A contractors roof rack can also be customized to your specific needs, and built in ratchet straps, ladder rollers can be added for you. Talk to one of the friendly Andy Cab Canopies consultants who will assist with all your needs.

Sporty Roof Racks

At Andy Cab the thickness and strength of our canopies is well respected and so if you going to be carrying items such as surf boards, canoes, or a light ladder by simply adding a set of sporty roof racks to your canopy (the ones which run across the canopy/bakkie) it makes the transportation of these goods a breeze.

You can order them with your new canopy or if you want it added at a later stage just give us a call and it is a simple process to have them added.

Sporty roof racks can be added to any bakkie shape, with the most popular being the half ton
bakkies and double cabs.

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